Walnuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. Since ancient times, people have used them for medicinal purposes. Nuts have a beneficial effect on almost all organs. They are indispensable for various chronic diseases. Doctors advise to eat at least 10 nuts a day for adults, and 5-7 for children.
activates mental activity;
has an anti-inflammatory effect;
strengthens the immune system;
normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
stabilizes the state of the nervous system, improves mood;
improves memory and concentration, improves brain function;
lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes;
normalizes bowel function, copes with dysbiosis, cleanses from toxins;
stabilizes the stomach;
useful for problems with the pancreas;
activates metabolism;
useful for nursing mothers – improves the quality of breast milk;
gives strength and vigor;
helps in the treatment of the reproductive system, restores potency;
has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland;
strengthens bone tissue.
We offer you to buy walnuts in bags, in containers, by weight.

We also offer walnut shells.
It can be used as a fuel or plant-based dyes for cosmetics and textiles.